Business prosperity and workers
Aiming to improve welfare
Supports Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohamaon human resources labor side

“Consulting conscientiously” who can feel free to consult

  • ●Provide useful and timely information for companies
  • ●Speedy and accurate paperwork
  • ●Resolve issues related to personnel labor from joining the company to leaving the company
  • ●Preventing frequent individual labor disputes
  • ●Personal Information Protection Office

Our company’s labor office provides companies in Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama from the field of personnel and labor management, including payroll accounting
It is a social insurance labor business corporation that supports the prosperity of companies and the improvement of the welfare of working people.
We are providing services to respond appropriately to diversifying labor management.

Business content

  • ●Payroll work (payroll)
  • ●Various procedures for labor / social insurance
  • ●Preparation and review of employment rules
  • ●Preparation and notification of various agreements
  • ●Grant for various grants
  • ●Response to guidance by supervision stations
  • ●Individual labor dispute response
  • ●Review of wage system
  • ●Review of retirement payment system
  • ●Introduction of personnel evaluation system
  • ●Consulting

Management labor diagnosis service

Cyber Corporate Register ROBINS
Appeal the soundness of the company through management labor diagnosis
Experts in management labor management ・ social insurance labor consultation diagnosis ・ advice
As a result of diagnosis and improvement, companies that implement appropriate management labor management
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「70歳まで働く機会の確保」が政府で議論されています。 1.年金財源の確保のため 2.超高齢化の日本の労働力の減少 3.長寿社会における健康の確保 以上の問題を



働き方改革が話題になっています。 要点は 1.罰則付き時間外労働の規制の導入 2.適正な労働時間管理 3.柔軟な働き方の導入 (テレワーク、在宅勤務、副業のガイ


Staff Blog

令和元年10月21日 「平成30年度 医療費の動向について」

9月26日の厚生労働省の発表によると、平成30年度の医療費は42.6兆円で、前年度に比べて0.3兆円の増加となったとのことです。 厚生労働省 「平成30年度医療


令和元年10月18日 「セーフティー教室から考える労務」

先日から私の子どもの通っている小学校で、学校公開が開催されているのですが 平日は参観というよりは出前授業みたいな感じで、昨日は警視庁からおまわりさんがやってきて