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About personal information handling

Social insurance labor consultant corporation Mass labor consulting (hereinafter referred to as our office) will keep personal information of the client in accepting questions. We will solemnly manage and protect your personal information you keep as below.
Please confirm the contents of this agreement, understand and press the consent button and the form will be displayed.

(For purposes of using personal information in inquiries and services below)
1. To respond to inquiries
(About provision to third parties)
Except for cases based on laws, laws and ordinances at our office, personal information we keep will not be provided to third parties without consent of the person.

(For consignment of this business)
Regarding the handling of personal information, we may outsource the information that we have kept for improving service to the client and making the work proper. In the case of consignment, we select outsourcers who fully satisfy the management criteria for personal information protection and work on improving management of safety level after exchanging necessary contract etc.

(About the freedom of providing personal information)
Providing personal information is optional in principle. However, if you can not provide personal information, we may be unable to provide information and services from our office concerning that matter.

(Regarding "Disclosure of Usage Purpose", "Disclosure", "Correction, Addition or Deletion", "Rejection of Use or Provision" of Personal Information to be Disclosed)
The client who provided the personal information has the right to request "notice of purpose of use", "disclosure", "correction, addition, deletion", "refusal of use or offer" regarding the pertinent information I will.
Please contact us as necessary.

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