Features of our labor consultant corporation

  • ● We have obtained the “P Mark (Privacy Mark)” for appropriate protection of personal

    Our labor consultant corporation has obtained and updated the “P Mark (Privacy Mark)” from the Japan Information
    Economy and Community Promotion Corporation (JIPDEC), which certifies that we manage personal information
    appropriately. We implement appropriate security operations to protect the important personal information of
    companies and employees.

    Acquired certification mark
  • ● Our labor insurance corporation has a labor insurance administration association,
    and our contract areas include Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kawasaki, and Yokohama.

    And it has the following benefits:

    • (1) Regardless of the amount, labor insurance premiums can be paid in three installments a year.
    • (2) Representatives and executives can also enroll in workers’ compensation insurance.
    • (3) As additional compensation to workers’ compensation insurance, you can also enroll in workers’
      compensation insurance.
    • (4) You can use the Small and Medium Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System.
  • ● Payroll calculation, labor and social insurance affairs, etc. require a lot of effort.
    By outsourcing these tasks, companies do not need to assign staff to these tasks, leading to reduced labor costs
    and allowing them to focus on production activities that generate profits.
    In addition, when an employee in charge of payroll and labor resigns, it is necessary to select a successor,
    take over, and train them, which takes time and money, but outsourcing eliminates these risks.
  • ● These tasks require specialized knowledge.
    Even if you install excellent computer software, accurate business processing will not be possible if the person
    operating it does not have legal knowledge.
    At our labor consultant corporation, we use our knowledge and experience based on national qualifications to
    perform accurate and speedy processing.
  • ● Payroll calculation and labor social insurance are closely related.
    Our labor consultant corporation can make various notifications to the government on behalf of companies, so we
    can smoothly link salaries with labor and social insurance.
    In addition, tax-related work will be handled by our affiliated tax accountant office, so our labor and social
    insurance-related work will be handled by our labor and social insurance law firm, ensuring a smooth process.
  • ● We provide companies with information regarding various subsidies under the jurisdiction of the
    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as appropriate, and support their business development.
  • ● Due to the diversifying employment environment and the increasing awareness of workers, labor-related
    issues may arise on a daily basis.
    Our labor consultant corporation uses our extensive knowledge and experience to provide appropriate support and


Representative Employee: Ikuo Masuyama



1969 He graduated from prefectural Kawasaki High School.
1974 Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.
1979 After leaving the company Toa Construction Industry Co.,
Acquired the qualifications of SME diagnostician and social insurance labor.
1987 Opened Masuyama Management Labor Management Office.
2001 Operated labor insurance affairs union capital assist.
2003 Masuyama Management Labor Management Office incorporated
Name changed to Social Insurance Labor Service Corporation Mass Labor Consulting.
・ ・ ・ It reaches the present.

Job title / organization

Former Vice President of Kanagawa Prefectural Social Insurance Workers Association
Kanagawa Prefecture Social Insurance Labor Workers Association, Kawasaki South Branch, Former Branch Manager
Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Representative (Service Committee)


In sports in general, swimming, kendo, judo (first stage), tennis, skiing, yachting and so on, but none are said
to be top notch.
Golf (Handy 25 not crowded!), Reading (History), Hot Spring Hiking, Banquet, Karaoke.

Representative Employee: Shintaro Miyazaki



2003 Graduated from Toin Gakuen High School
2007 Graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Commerce
2017 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance Company left the company
2018 Passed Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney Exam
Joined mass labor consulting


Kanagawa Prefecture Social Insurance Laborers Association Kawasaki South Branch Eight Professionals Exchange
Labor Insurance Office Association Capital Assist Chairman


Running, kintore, golf

Qualified person

5 social insurance laborers (including 4 specific social insurance laborers)
Clerical staff 3 people
Total 8 people