Consulting on personnel evaluation systems

Personnel evaluation system

It is said that the president alone can evaluate the work of up to 10 employees.
As a company develops and the number of employees increases, it becomes necessary to have a personnel evaluation system that is easy for employees to understand and is fair.
Employees need to understand the company’s management policy, and from what point of view should they approach their work so that it will be reflected in their treatment and the company will prosper.
A personnel evaluation system is an essential system for a growing company.

Do you have this problem?

  • ●  I want to install it, but I don’t know how.
  • ●  I don’t know how to evaluate my employees.
  • ●  I don’t know how to reflect personnel evaluations in wages and bonuses.
  • ●  I am worried about whether there will be opposition from employees to the introduction.
  • ●  I would like to review the current personnel system.
  • ●  We have created a personnel system, but it is not operating well.
  • ●  How much does it cost to introduce a human resources system?

We will provide support like this.

Transition from seniority-based wages to job-based wages

  • 1.  Improvement of wage system (introduction of grade system) Review and simplification of various allowances

    General job group: 1st to 4th grade; managerial job group: 5th to 7th grade (creation of pay scale by grade)

  • 2.  Personnel evaluation system

    After confirming the company’s management philosophy and management policy, we will clarify the actions that each grade of employees should take, the skills they should acquire, and the results they expect for this term.
    It becomes easier for employees to take action, which in turn helps them grow through their work, which in turn leads to the growth of the company.

  • 3.  Total support up to operation

Introduction flow

  • 1.  Determining the company’s corporate philosophy, management policy, and management plan
  • 2.  Expectations of desired employees
  • 3.  Behavioral evaluation, ability evaluation, and determination of results by job type
  • 4.  Creation of evaluation sheet
  • 5.  Evaluator training
  • 6.  Personnel evaluation
  • 7.  Feedback on evaluation results
  • 8.  Wages and bonuses linked to evaluation