Labor consulting

We will consult with you about various troubles from employer’s entry to departure and find solutions.

Consulting on employment of the elderly

When re-hiring after the retirement age 60 years old, we will set wages while using a high age employment continuation benefit and make proposals that take account of adjustment with old age pension.

Consulting on welfare benefits

We will consider a benefit welfare system according to the employment form of the company.
In addition, we will introduce various welfare services.

Wage Consulting

We propose wage system according to company type and scale.

  • ●Review of wage system
  • ●Introduction of ability wage system
  • ●Introduction of annual salary wage

Retirement consulting

Based on the industry type, scale and profitability of the company, we will review the retirement allowance provision or propose a retirement gold model.

Personnel evaluation system

It is said that at most 10 employees can appreciate the work of their employees with only one president.
With the development of the company and the increase in the number of employees, employees are easy to understand, and a fair personnel evaluation system is required.
When employees understand the management policy of the company, what kind of point of view does the work do, it will be reflected in treatment and the company will prosper.
The personnel evaluation system isan indispensable system for growing companies.

<Flow of introduction>

  • 1.  Corporate philosophy, management policy, management plan
  • 2.  Requested employee’s expectation image
  • 3.  Behavior evaluation by occupation, ability evaluation, determination of outcome
  • 4.  Preparation of evaluation sheet
  • 5.  Evaluator training
  • 6.  Personnel appraisal
  • 7.  Feedback on evaluation results
  • 8.  Wages and bonuses linked to evaluation

Advance prevention of individual labor disputes

Frequent labor disputes!

  • 1.  Bullying, power hurdling
  • 2.  Sexual harassment, Matahara
  • 3.  Dismissal
  • 4.  devaluation of working conditions
  • 5.  Deployment and transfer

Are typical cases.

As a cause

  • 1.  I do not have labor contracts.
  • 2.  Employment regulations are not maintained or maintained, but employees do not know.
  • 3.  Company does not comply with employment rules.
  • 4.  There are few opportunities for discussion between managers and employees, and the workplace has poor ventilation.
  • 5.  There is no trust relationship between management and employees. First of all, as a company, it is important to eliminate this cause and also to listen to the troubles of employees’ workplaces to prevent labor disputes.

We also consult with labor disputes that have occurred.