Payroll work is cumbersome and requires expertise on labor social insurance and taxes. In addition, the revision of the law is also frequently carried out, and it has to deal with it instantaneously. Therefore, if you outsource to an expert, you can perform accurate tasks and companies can focus on production activities without being bothered by cumbersome tasks. In the United States, there is data that 50% of companies outsource payroll calculation.
We have a payroll service as below and we have a system that can respond to the needs of various companies.

In addition, according to the needs of each company, the above operations can select necessary business. It is also possible to outsource all tasks, for example local taxes and banking services are not necessary so it is possible not to delegate them.
If you also leave labor and social insurance services at the same time, you can smoothly perform the calculation of labor insurance premiums (annual renewal) and social insurance foundation report. In addition, we can respond to notification of social insurance standard remuneration monthly change notice surely.

Monthly salary calculation ・ bonus calculation

Basic flow

(1)Time data ・ Variable data such as allowance data ・ bonus data
↓・Fax or e-mail salary contact chart
↓・Salary Excel file e-mail
↓・Send time card etc.

(2)Calculate payroll at our office, send payroll table by FAX,
Or send by e-mail in Excel file.
(Aggregation of time cards will also be done here.)

(3)Confirm at your facility
(If there is a correction, go to (2))

(4)Create salary list ・ personal statement at our office

(5)Delivery to your facility

Salary / Bonuses Banking services

Salary / Bonuses Banking services
It is the work of transferring salary and bonus to the bank. In our office it is possible to issue a transfer request or output a file for firm banking. If you leave it, we will issue and output at the same time in (4) of the flow of monthly and bonus calculation.

Year-end adjustment (The affiliated tax accountant office will correspond to the work to be done by tax accountants.)

The salary and bonus data that we got at this office will be cumulative, so if we can deposit dependent deductions, insurance deduction declarations, insurance deduction declarations etc. at the end of the year, we will adjust at the end of the year.
After calculation, issuance of a withholding tax will be issued, until we send salary payment report to each municipality. In addition, we will issue a withholding tax book unless we are entrusted from the middle of the fiscal year.
It is also possible to select some work related to year-end adjustment according to the needs of the company.

Local tax report

In addition to the year-end adjustment, I will do the business of reporting the local tax of mid-career workers.