Various procedures of labor social insurance

Subscription to labor social insurance can be said to be the minimum support for employees including business owners to live with peace of mind. Creating a workable environment by subscribing to labor social insurance is essential for running a company and as a result leads to better company talent for the company.

The work related to labor social insurance covered in our office is mainly as follows. Also, since there are other tasks to handle besides these, please contact us.

Association Kokpo Pension Office

Health insurance and welfare pension insurance

  • ・New application (subscription)
  • ・Certification acquisition, loss report
  • ・Calculation basic notification, monthly change notification
  • ・Application for insurance benefits (lump-sum childbirth allowance, childbirth allowance, injury allowance allowance etc)
  • ・Application for adjudication of pension (old age, disability, bereaved family)
  • ・Massacre Notice (Abolished)

Public Employment Security Office

Employment insurance law

  • ・Installation notification (new subscription)
  • ・Certification acquisition, loss report
  • ・Employee Certificate
  • ・Apply for various subsidies to employers
  • ・Application for senior employment continuation benefits
  • ・Application for nursing care and nursing care leave benefits

Labor Standards Inspection Office

Labor Accident Compensation Insurance Act, Labor Insurance Collection Method

  • ・Notification of establishment (new subscription)
  • ・Insurance premium estimate · Tax return
  • ・Notification of start of lump-sum fixed term business
  • ・Worker’s injury and illness report
  • ・Claims for workers’ injuries (medical treatment, leave, disability, bereaved families etc)

Claims for workers’ injuries (medical treatment, leave, disability, bereaved families etc)

  • ・Employment regulations, wages, regulations for retirement allowance, notification
  • ・Notification of agreement on overtime / holiday work · Notification of deforming working hours agreement · Notification of labor agreement outside the office · Notification of discretionary labor agreement

Industrial Safety and Health Act

  • ・Health management, safety work standards
  • ・Safety management system
  • ・mental health